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About Us


BIRO OKTROI ROOSSENO, one of the oldest and the leading firm for intellectual property in Indonesia, was established in 1951 by both Prof. Dr. Ir. R. Roosseno, a professor of structural engineering and a pioneer in pre-stressed concrete and Mr. Yland, a prominent Dutch lawyer.

Prof. Dr. Ir. R. Roosseno was the Minister of Public Works in 1953-1954, the Minister of Transportation in 1954-1955, and the Minister of Economy in 1955-1956. From 1968 until 1989 he was Chairman of the Indonesian National Contractors Association (GAPENSI). His daughter, Prof. Dr. Toeti Heraty N. Roosseno, succeeded him. In 1987 Dr. Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi, SH, MIP, took over the management of the firm. She totally reorganized and expanded it to become one of the leading intellectual property firms in Indonesia. In 1995, Ir. Migni Myriasandra, MIP, MSEL, another daughter of Prof. Dr. Toeti Heraty N. Roosseno became involved in the management of the firm, while Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi, SS., MA., also another daughter is managing the firm until now.

BIRO OKTROI ROOSSENO is acknowledged both nationally and internationally as the leader in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. This firm will continue its commitment to consistently to the development and enforcement of intellectual property in Indonesia by providing its clients with the highest quality services.


In Indonesia, legal advice and representation will continue to play an indispensable and crucial role. With the development of new technologies as varied as telecommunications and chemical engineering, the efficiency of international business is more and more interlinked, even dependent on the proper protection of intellectual property rights. In addition to specialization in intellectual property, BIRO OKTROI ROOSSENO also handles related services such as intellectual property audit, licensing, franchising, investments, litigation.

As Indonesia is anticipating increasing development in the fields of industry and trade on a global scale, BIRO OKTROI ROOSSENO continues to keep a leading edge, which brings as one of its consequences the need to keep itself and its professional environment updated. Part of this is the regular organization of seminars and workshops. Past seminars have been organized with themes such as "Creativity, Innovation and Patents" and "The Role of Patent Information in support of Technology and Industrialization", collaborating with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Such seminars are designed to stimulate a dynamic response and broad point of view towards current changes in economics, social affairs and politics, as well as those affecting the environment in Indonesia as well as abroad. For example Biro Oktroi  Roosseno in collaboration with Cemara 6 Gallery has conducted a Discussion Forum of Copyright in Photography and Discussion with the topic Crime in Indonesian Arts.


To be the Leading Company in Asia Pacific in providing integrated services of intellectual property rights to promote innovations in enhancing quality of life.


BOR commits to deliver best practices in intellectual property rights by :

  • Providing integrated services of intellectual property rights through leading management system
  • Encouraging and rewarding innovations to enhance the quality of life
  • Developing qualified individuals and organizational competency


We are an IPR company committed to IPR Values :
  • Integrity
  • Professional
  • Respect to Stakeholders